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Above the Clouds

About the Owner

Mr. Ketan grew up observing his father Mr. Krishnakant at the factory. He graduated with a BE in Chemical Engineering and thereafter decided to pursue further studies in Plastics due to the family business. He went to the US and got an MS in Plastics Engineering, thereafter he worked in the US Plastics Industry and pursued further studies while working, and got an MBA, PMP, and 2 masters certifications in Injection molding (MM1, MM2). He also is an inventor of 8 US Patents. He then returned back and now runs the family business.


Being a Plastics Engineer, he also offers Consulting Services through a company called KB Consulting which are as follows:

1. Create new Plastic Injection molded products from concept Ideas. Doing the prototyping, 3D printing, creating   

    production tools, manufacturing, Ultrasonic welding assembly and supplying the final product.

2. Implementation of  "Real Art of Molding" (RAM) techniques @ your injection molding plant which will enable to :

    a) increase production of high-quality injection molded parts per hour 
    b) reduce scrap rate and 
    c) optimize raw material usage. 
    d) We also Provide training on RAM, both classroom and hands-on.

3. Resolve Chronic molding challenges   
4. Provide Custom Injection molding services with up to 3 colors in the molded piece

5. Validation of machines and all equipment, molds, and products (Plastic Medical Devices) per GMP Guidelines.

    Performing IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operation Qualification), and PQ (Performance Qualification)

6. New plant commencement involving machine selection and validation

7. We are proficient in Injection molding, Insert molding, Metal Injection Molding (MIM) , Compression molding, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) molding


Vision of KB Consulting

1.  Transform the way Injection molding is done in India so that every Injection

     molder follows RAM (Real Art of Molding) and saves money by being efficient in

     production and improving yield without compromise in quality
2.  Support manufacturing and validation of disposable Plastic Medical Devices
3.  Become a new product development hub
4.  Be the Experts in resolving chronic plastic injection molding challenges

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