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Kapable Bangle Story

We have been in the business of manufacturing bangles for several generations. Our forefathers were in the business of making bangles from elephant tusks. Thereafter, after the ban on elephant tusk bangles, Mr. Krishnakant M decided to pursue manufacturing bangles using Plastics.

1975- Incorporated Kapable Bangles & initially started making Plastic bangles from Cellulose Acetate. 

1980- Started making Plastic Bangles from GPPS and HDPE (old name Pil-pil) using Injection Molding Machines


1985- First Injection Molding Machine was bought by Kapable Bangles


1992- Expanded by adding Second Molding Machine  


2007- Started making Bridge Pins, Headstocks and Tail Strips for Professional Acoustic Guitars which are 100% Exported 

2008- Started a assembly and packaging facility 

We made a bangle called Pan Bahar, Amarmoti, Sajawat and many others which were super hits, and today after 39 years, it still sells in the market. We believe in creating novelty and that’s why all our bangles are unique and our bangle designs sell for decades. We have a variety mix of more than 500 different bangle molds in 4 big & 4 small sizes with 8 colors.


We currently export Plastic bangles & Guitar Components directly and through merchant exporters to the USA, Europe, UAE, and Africa.

Our Vision

To be one of the Largest Exporter by delivering Plastic Bangles and Guitar Components by 2027

Our Mission

To be a one-stop-shop for all customer needs in Cosmetic Jewelry,

Supplying Quality Products, and fulfill Customer needs.

Our Values

1. Always use best quality raw materials

2. Provide the most innovative products that add value to our customers business
3. Be transparent in communication

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